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Memorial Service at Perron Berger Park in Griesbach–June 4, 11:00 am

The Canadian Airborne Cairn will be having a Memorial Service this Sunday, June 4 at 11:00 am in Perron Berger Park in Griesbach. See below for program details.

2022 Financials and Previous Minutes

Ahead of our upcoming AGM, we are posting our financial statement for year, as well as the minutes from last year’s AGM… as required by our bylaws (below). We encourage you to review ahead of tomorrow’s meeting. We will have a vote to approveIf you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer.

2023 Griesbach Community League Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, March 8, 2023, 7:00 pm
MGG School

PDF: 2022 Financial Statements (Click to open)

Griesbach Community League
2022 AGM Minutes (Draft)

March 10, 2022

Special Guests: Blake Desjarlais (MP), David Eggen (MLA), Erin Rutherford (Councillor), Jody
Nelson (NRC), Marvin Neumann (Canada Lands)

  1. Call to order by Carl Knowler at 7:01 pm.
  2. Declaration of Quorum. There being more than 10 members of GCL present, quorum was
    declared. (36 guests)
  3. Welcome from Special Guests
    ● Blake Desjarlais, MP – Edmonton Griesbach
    ● David Eggen, MLA – Edmonton North West
    ● Erin Rutherford, City Councillor – Ward Anirniq
  4. Approval of 2021 AGM minutes
    ● Motion to approve minutes from Laura Squires, seconded Shelby Corley. Approved.
  5. Financial Report
    ● Laura Squires presented annual financial statement
    ● Reviewed by two community members (Eric Sirrs and Aaron Gregson) in lieu of audit
    ● Motion to approve financial statement from Dave Neufeld, seconded Brad Tilley.
  6. Directors’ Reports
    ● Structures and Facilities: Brad Tilley provided an update on the planned pocket
    playground. A meeting of the membership will be upcoming to approve the budget.
    Other projects this past year have included maintenance agreements, logging the
    community’s structures and monuments, providing input for Maple Leaf Pond and
    Park, and some early discussions about a potential disc golf course.
    ● Parks and Gardens: Robert Lopetinsky provided an update on the “Frontline Forest”
    organized with Roots for Trees and relocation of trees away from the tobogganing
    hill. Continued litter pick-ups with Capital City Clean-up and additional resources.
    ● Social: The Pumpkin Walk doubled in size from 2021 to 434 registrants with
    significant media coverage. We also proceeded with a Covid-safe Easter Egg
    Scavenger Hunt. Weekly online yoga sessions were also organized.
    ● Sports: Covid continued to impact sports. We had 5 outdoor soccer teams and 1
    indoor team. 2022 outdoor soccer registration is currently open. We also had 3
    baseball teams. Registration is also open for baseball.
    ● Communications: One print and two email newsletters, maintained website and Facebook pages.

● Memberships: GCL currently has 191 members, which is up from last year but down
from pre-Covid. CommuniBee app has been popular and convenient, offering
discounts through local businesses, ability to renew membership, etc.
● Fundraising: Casino ran successful January 17 and 18, 2022. Looking at a potential
rafflebox fundraiser in 2022.
● Neighbourhood Watch: Moderated the Griesbach Neighbourhood Watch Facebook
page. Attended meeting with City re: community policing. Spearheaded a clean-up
event, including big bin rental, with focus on SE corner.
● Vice President: Dave Neufeld assisted with other portfolios and events such as the
Pumpkin Walk. Looking forward to relaunching the Griesbach Explorers.
● President: Attended a number of meetings and consultation with Canada Lands for
ongoing community development. Also met with Dialog Design regarding the SE

7. Elections
Carl Knowler thanked all outgoing directors and introduced the available positions
and election process.
● Vice President: Brett Winegarden elected by acclamation
● Treasurer: Dianne Forte elected by acclamation
● Communications: Danielle Amorim (incumbent) elected by acclamation
● Fundraising: Vacant, no nominations
● Volunteers: Vacant, no nominations
● Social: Kelsey Franco (incumbent) elected by acclamation
● Programs: Vacant, no nominations
● Civics & Community Development : Perry Chahal, elected by acclamation
● Member at Large: Laura Squires, elected by acclamation

8. Questions from floor
● Nil

9. Close of Meeting:
● Motion to close at 8:30 pm from Shelby Corley, seconded by Robert Lopetinsky.

Presentation by Marvin Neumann, Canada Lands
● Marvin updated the current stages of various phasing. The market is quite strong.
● Canada Lands is looking at a couple of offers for the existing old police building.
● The rough formation of Maple Leaf Pond was completed last year and ongoing work
○ The plan remains to include a fountain, some exercise stations, a snowbank skating
rink with water supply and warming hut, and entry features.
○ Landscaping is planned for this year and next.
● Notice has been provided to residents in NE corner that in 2-5 years development will start.
● Two bronze plaques have been lost in the last couple of months. The original manufacturer
was contracted to re-do the mounting system. We can expect to see some removed for that
purpose over the summer.
● The bronze lettering has also been vandalized and stolen on 113st and 153rd avenue multiple times.Update on SE Corner
● Brad Tilley and Carl Knowler met with the developer today. Within the next month or so, the
infrastructure will be starting for the sites adjacent to Griesbach parade.
● On Tuesday, the old Sobeys’ site goes before the City. The proposed amendments will allow
mid-rise rental apartment to six storeys. Underground parking is planned with 1.2 – 1.3 vehicles per unit.
● An information session was previously held.
○ Anyone with questions is encouraged to reach out to Dialog
(bmoralesmith@dialogdesign.ca) or go to the meeting with the City on Tuesday before Council.

Annual General Meeting


Blake Desjarlais, Member of Parliament, Edmonton Griesbach

Councillor Erin Rutherford, City of Edmonton Anirniq Ward Councillor

David Eggen, MLA Edmonton North West

Kairi Pawlick, Canada Lands

The Griesbach Community League (GCL) is hosting its Annual General Meeting at Major General Griesbach School on Wednesday March 8 from 7–9pm (doors open at 6:30).

Is my presence really needed?
Glad you asked–Yes.

This is an opportunity for you to:
• Get educated on current and future Griesbach developments
• Find out how your GCL board has been working for you
• Share your ideas and feedback during question period
• Learn about open positions on the board
• Vote in your new board members*

Icing-on-the-cake extras: coffee, snacks, child-minding

We will also be holding our Griesbach Community League elections. This is a
chance for community members like you to run for the board and help shape our community with your energy and ideas.

Whether you are interested in running for the board, or simply would like to meet some neighbours and to learn about development plans for Griesbach, we would love to see you. Everyone is welcome.


President, Secretary, Facilities, Memberships, Sports, Neighbourhood Watch, Parks & Gardens, Volunteers, Programs, Fundraising, Member-at-Large.

For more detailed position descriptions, continue reading below.


  • Provides leadership to the board by:
  • encouraging board members to participate in meetings and activities.
  • focusing the board’s activities on the organization’s mission.
  • Ensures the board members are oriented, trained and recognized for their contributions.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the board’s decision-making process.
  • Acts as a liaison between the community league and other community leagues or civic organizations.
  • Promotes the organization’s purpose in the community and to the media and acts as spokesperson for the league.
  • Is the primary liaison between the league and EFCL.
  • Participates in the selection and release of any paid employees in consultation with other executive officers.
  • Plays a leading role in supporting fundraising activities.
  • Is responsible for committees by:
  • serving as an ex-officio member of all committees and attending their meetings when needed;
  • ensuring that committee chairpersons are appointed.
  • Arranges for the orientation of committee chairpersons.
  • Is responsible for the board’s agenda.
  • Chairs meetings of the community league according to Robert’s Rules of Order or as designated in the bylaws and ensure meetings adhere to the agenda.
  • Per Robert’s Rules, votes on Board motions/major decisions only in the event of a tie
  • Acts as one of the signing officers for cheques and other documents such as contracts and grant applications.
  • Prepares a President’s Report for the annual general meeting.


  • Keeps copies of the bylaws, minutes and other documents.
  • Keeps lists of Directors, committees and general membership.
  • Informs EFCL of Board member updates after elections.
  • Records all minutes during board and general meetings.
  • Files correspondence.
  • Ensures there is a quorum.
  • Records all motions and decisions of meetings.
  • Distributes copies of minutes to directors and posts minutes online (if applicable) promptly after meetings
  • Notifies members of general meetings.
  • Files the annual return, amendments to the bylaws and other incorporating documents with the Corporate Registry.
  • In the absence of the chairperson and vice- chairperson, chairs board meetings until the election of an alternate chairperson.
  • Archives league records.


  • Responsible for all community facilities and structures – including all historical/commemorative military structures
  • Supervises building maintenance and repair.
  • Reviews condition of facilities and structures
  • Maintains up-to-date building maintenance records.
  • Advises league on maintenance and upgrades.
  • Obtains estimates for maintenance, repair and upgrade work.
  • Coordinates the development (including fund development) for the Griesbach Community Playground Development
  • Recommends upgrades to all facilities as required.


  • Manages annual recruitment drive.
  • Prepares the membership list and updates records.
  • Orders membership supplies from the EFCL.
  • Check online membership sales at efcl.org and distributes cards and skate tags
  • Attend sports / program registrations to sell memberships as required
  • Recruits and supervises volunteer canvassers.
  • Reviews and prepares policy and procedures with respect to membership.
  • Recommends fee structure and strategies to increase membership.


  • Reviews and prepares policy and procedures related to sports programs.
  • Recruits coaches.
  • Delegates coaching responsibilities.
  • Organizes registration times.
  • Recommends and collects sports programs fees.
  • Coordinates maintenance of GCL-owned equipment (soccer balls, jersies, nets, etc.)
  • Attends zone and other city-wide related meetings.

Neighbourhood Watch:

  • Liaises with Edmonton Police Service to ensure a safe community. This includes:
  • Reporting of major concerns;
  • Implementation of action plans.
  • Maintains Griesbach’s Neighbourhood Watch Facebook Group
  • Works with Communication Director to ensure any important issues are communicated to all residents.

Parks & Gardens:

  • Liaises with Canada Lands Company in the planting and maintenance of Griesbach major garden areas.
  • Acts as the GCL connection with the Griesbach Community Gardens.


  • Ensures a robust listing of volunteers is maintained for GCL events;
  • Works with Sports Director to ensure volunteer deposit process is active, tracked and maintained;
  • Recruits and assign volunteers to GCL social events, delivery of newsletters, fundraising ‘drives’ (Bottle drive, etc.) and Bingos and Casinos.


  • Works with the City Community Recreation Coordinators (CRCs).
  • Determines which programs will be offered to the community, then arranges for instructors and accommodation.
  • Applies for grants for specific programs.
  • Arranges registrations.
  • Prepares budget and financial reports for the treasurer.
  • Arranges payments to instructors, keeps appropriate records.
  • Arranges access to the facilities used.


  • Applies for grants and permits to run gaming events such as bingo and casinos.
  • Works with Social Director in the development of ‘special’ fundraising events (Silent auctions, etc.) and helps secure appropriate donations
  • Liaises with Structures and Facilities Director in fund development for specific project (i.e. Playground).
  • (When the time comes for GCL) Prepares written reports on gaming events twice annually and submits the reports to Attorney General’s Department.
  • Maintains financial records.


  • Participates in meetings providing advice – often this individual will have specified background/knowledge/skills/connections lacking on the Board of Directors as a whole.
  • Participates in committees.

*Must have a paid community membership to vote or run for a position. Memberships can be purchased in advance using the Communibee App or at the AGM, starting at 6:30 pm.

Community Soccer Days Registration

Registration for Community Soccer Days is now open for U9/U11/U13 age-specific children.

This event is only open to the following people.

  • New Players who have never played
  • Players who experience financial barriers to participating in organized sports
  • Players who are referred, based on need, to the event


This event is for children who have never had the means to participate in sport, they will get 5 sessions to learn the game and some skills, as well as a dedicated registration session which will assist them in registering for outdoor soccer with your community!

This session will be made specifically to help parents apply for funding or other means which will allow their children to play outdoors. We are also trying to secure deals with local sporting stores for discounts on soccer shoes and/or shin pads, so that these players may also gain access to the equipment they need. Without your referrals this program won’t be able to exist so please refer a child(ren) in your community today. This program is created to bring more players to soccer within your community who normally would not be able to participate.

* Please note there is a $20 fully refundable deposit to secure the spot for the player being referred. This is to ensure attendance, this $20 deposit will be refunded on the last session March 12th*

Referral/Registration form can be found here

For more information, please email Griesbach Community League Sports Director Simon Chin


General information and schedule below:

NEZ Baseball Registration is Now Open!

For registration information, click here

All players must register on-line and can do so at this link.

2023 will bring a full season of games, practices and tournaments. After registering on-line, you must attend an in-person registration either in your home community or at one of the NEZ Central Registration dates. You will be required to provide your current Community League Membership Card, sign up for your volunteer shift (and leave a $300.00 deposit cheque) and if you did not pay online, pay the registration fee.(If you are registering at your home Community League, please bring a copy of your registration.) Want to try out for a Padres AA or AAA team? Tryouts will start February 23. For more information click here.

> For more general information, please visit the NEZ Sports home page.

Party in the Park 2022

Come join us on Saturday, September 10 from noon to 9pm for a full-roster of entertainment, games, food, and play. Meet your neighbours, spend a beautiful afternoon outside, support the arts. This is rated E for Everyone. Schedule below.

All activities take place in the Major General School Field

Musicians + Performances:

12:00 -1:00 – Indigenous ceremony and pow-wow led by Chubby Cree and Eli Green (local Indigenous Elder) @ School Field next to Maple Leaf Playground (outside of beer garden and all are welcome!!)

1:00- All-Ages Beer Garden Opens (free popcorn and pop for kids, Beer Ticket $$ TBD)

1:00-3:00 – Sonic Sherpas @ Beer Garden

3:00-5:00 – Benjamin Williams @ Beer Garden

5:00-5:45 – Sangea Edmonton (African Drumming & Dancing) @ School Field again (outside of Beer Garden)

6:00-8:00 – Pete Turland Band (Rockabilly) @ Beer Garden

8:00-9:00 – Mariachi Borealis @ Beer Garden

9:00 Fireworks!

(Watch from the School Field)

Other entertainment:

Inflatables (1-5pm)

  • Axe Throwing
  • Rock Climbing Wall 
  • Bouncy Basketball
  • 100’ Radical Run (obstacle course)
  • Bouncy Castle (for littles)
  • Bouncy Crab Playground (for littles)

Wandering Performers (clowns & jugglers) (1-5pm)

Wandering performer (clown & Fire Juggling (6-9pm)

Art Table for Children (1-5pm)o

Party in the Park is supported by the Edmonton Arts Council
and the City of Edmonton.

Indoor Soccer Registration is Up!

Indoor Soccer Registration is now available! Register here!

Griesbach’s Northeast Corner: share your vision and ideas with Canada Lands this Saturday, June 11 and Thursday, June 16

Griesbach Community League Special Meeting (Virtual) April 6, 2022,

7:00 pm – 7:40 pm

Please email Justin, GCL Secretary, to receive the meeting link.


To vote on proceeding with the expenditure to start construction for 
the Pocket Playground at Roundel Lake.

We are excited to announce that after much planning and fundraising, Griesbach Community League (GCL) is ready to move forward with construction of the small playground area on the NW corner of Roundel Lake. GCL has been busy planning and fundraising for this playground area for over two years and in February we surveyed Griesbach residents to find out what they would types of structures they would prefer.

In order to start construction, we need to hold a vote with membership to proceed. Please join us for an online meeting on April 6 at 7:00 pm to hear a project overview and view the plans to date. All residents are welcome; however, you must have an up-to-date paid Griesbach Community League membership to vote. You must RSVP in order to receive the link to the meeting.

Memberships can be purchased online through the Communibee App or through the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues.

Griesbach Easter Egg Hunt

We are planning another Griesbach Easter egg hunt this year! This year will be bigger and better than ever with space for 300 kids.

All children must register and the event is free to members and $7/child for non-members. Member registration is open from March 20 to April 7, then any spaces not registered for will be open to non-members. Includes a visit by the Easter bunny and his helpers!

Registration is through Event Brite at the link below.

Date: Sunday April 17th, 10:30 am-12:30 pm
Register through Event Brite here!

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