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2021 Soccer Registration

We know this year holds lots of uncertainties, but we’re determined that we will have a 2021 Soccer Season. We are preparing for a number of different scenarios and we will continue to work together with the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association and Alberta Soccer to determine exactly what the season will look like.

We anticipate a shorter than average registration period this year (than in the past) as we await government direction.

Our goal moving forward is to ensure our players will not lose the prospect for development and will have the opportunity to get outside and continue to play the game that they love–though perhaps a little differently.

Registration for the season will only be accepted online. Website for season information can be found here:

Website to register or form a new account: https://emsasoccerportal.com/ui/?

Our registration will open online on March 15th and will remain open until April 15th. There are three possible scenarios for the 2021 Season: (Anticipated Season Start date May 15th).

SCENARIO #1 – Return to Train– Training Sessions run by coaches through guidance of EMSA North Technical Leads- Short Sided scrimmages within cohort groups-6 weeks/10-12 sessions

SCENARIO #2 – Return to play (modified) – Games with referees (U9 & up) – Cohort limit (set by government)- 6 weeks for U4 to U11 Community (10-12 games)- U13 to U19 games scheduled by EMSA Main-All Club games scheduled by EMSA Main- No tournaments or post season play.

SCENARIO #3 – Return to play (non-modified) – Same as Scenario 2 with the exemption. No Cohort limit or large enough cohort limit to have multiple teams versing one another.


Below is the cost break downs for the programs, age groups (Please ensure you understand the below caveat):

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I registered….Now What
Once you have completed your registration there will be a group of volunteers who build the teams.  Closer to the season start date (approximately one or two weeks prior to season start) you will be contacted by a coach with additional information about the upcoming season.

I may be interested in Coaching ….
We always need coaches!  In some instances, we will not be able to accept registrations for certain age categories until we have enough coaches. Did you know that if you coach or manage a team, that counts as your volunteer commitment and no additional volunteering is required? We can hold information sessions for people who are interested in coaching but are not sure what is involved. If this applies to you, please send us an email at sports@griesbachcommunity.com and we would be happy to to cover off any questions or concerns.  As a coach you will need to register on the ENZSA soccer portal.  In addition, please be prepared to have a Police Information Check as this is a requirement for coaching. This is paid for by the zone and any coaching course are paid for by Griesbach.

What about any subsidies available?
There is funding support for low income families through KidSport and Jump Start which both have online applications. You will need to complete these in advance to registration; the links are listed below. Copies of funding approval will be required and submitted to the zone during registration. 

KidSport – Apply for assistance

Canadian Tire – Apply for assistance

What if I don’t live in Griesbach but want to play for Griesbach?
If you don’t live in Griesbach but want to play with us, that’s no problem.  When registering in the portal please request a transfer to Griesbach. You are then welcome to follow up with the Soccer Director regarding the transfer.  Please try to add the coach’s name or player name so we can match up accordingly.

What if I live in Griesbach but want to play for another community?
If you wish to play in a community other than your home community, please request that community when you register in the portal.  You are then welcome to follow-up with the Soccer Director regarding the transfer and the incoming soccer director.

What if I have a special requests?
We will do our best to accommodate special requests, however we cannot make any guarantees due to limitations on team sizes. In the event there are not enough children or coaches to facilitate a team, we work with other communities in the area to ensure everyone has a team to play on; however this may mean that the player is transferred to another community. If you are requesting a coach or friend please ensure that you have the correct spelling and age. Volunteers are responsible for building teams and with hundreds of kids registering, simple spelling errors or friend requests playing in an older age group can prove difficult for the volunteers.

What is Griesbach’s refund policy?

Community League memberships are Non-Refundable in all cases. 

Additional refund policies related to soccer can be found on the EMSA website.

Griesbach AGM Highlights

Griesbach Community League’s first virtual Annual General Meeting went off without a hitch. (Just a couple of adorable “video-bombs” of children giving their moms and dads goodnight hugs.)

It was a remarkable turnout. Over 40 community members gathered to learn how their league navigated the pandemic, and to learn about future development plans.

Election results

Half of the board positions were up for election. Carl Knowler, a founding board member, will take over as President. Carl is looking forward to helping the league return to its bustling, post-pandemic, highly-social self.

We’re ecstatic to welcome three first-time directors: Simon Chin (Sports Director), Doug Batchelder (Structures and Facilities) and Robert Lopetinsky (Parks and Gardens).

Existing directors played musical chairs to fill other open positions. Dave Neufeld moved from secretary to assume the Vice President role and Justin Laverty Harrington vacated Parks and Gardens to fill the Secretary position. Chelsea Rowland was re-elected as Membership Director, where she has done an amazing job. Shelby Corley finished her term as President and steps into the Past President role. Founding GCL President Brad Tilley stepped into a member at large role. For a full list of directors, click here.

If you have considered being on the board, but weren’t able to attend the AGM, it’s not too late. There are still a handful of positions that remain unfilled. If you are interested in any of the following positions, please contact us to learn more.

Unclaimed positions:

Volunteer Director • Programs Director • Neighbourhood Watch Director

2020 Review

Members were also updated on the activities and initiatives the board undertook last year. Highlights included an update of the pocket playground being built overlooking Roundel Lake, and a summary of our limited events due to Covid: which included the first ever Griesbach Pumpkin Walk. We are currently waiting to hear definitive news around upcoming spring baseball and soccer seasons. Plans are also underway for a modified version of the popular Easter Egg Hunt – a self-directed scavenger hunt format.

There was also mention that the police will be leaving the training facility, and talks are underway to find an organization willing to take over the facility and its operations (with the potential of subletting to GCL and other community groups).

Development news and teasers

After the formal meeting, we were joined by Kyle Braithwaite of Forum Properties and Marvin Neumann of Canada Lands, who provided development updates.

Braithwaite said plans are moving ahead in the commercial area. They’ve attracted several new businesses, with Co-op Liquor, Kumon Learning and Black Forest Barber opening soon. He hinted at an ice cream shop potentially  joining in time for summer (!!!) and possibly a fitness-related business.

Talks are underway between Sobeys and potential buyers for their 4.5 acre parcel. There are discussion around potentially relaxing the restrictive covenants – which currently prevent any food store, bakery or butcher from moving in. Forum will be developing two multi-family properties on the site and have plans for a 2-story medical professional building.

He said that businesses have been largely quite resilient in weathering the pandemic, and appreciate the support they’ve received from residents – keep up the support and don’t forget to check the Communibee app for discounts to many of the local businesses!

Neuman reported that Canada Lands delayed some development work last year, but expect to pick up speed in 2021. Most work continues to focus on the southwest stages of development, including new roads and utility service installation. Excavation is expected to begin on Maple Leaf Pond, and will be completed over a 2-3 year span. The maple leaf shaped lake will feature outdoor fitness equipment and a snowbank rink – with warming station, firepits and flooding equipment.

Thanks to everyone who attended!

Thanks for making our first (and hopefully last) virtual AGM a success. We’d like to thank Shelby Corley for her tireless work and dedication to the board and the community as President. Hopefully 2021 will allow us to go back to putting on the activities and events that help make Griesbach a spectacular place to live.

Documents for our AGM

Our virtual AGM is only a few days away: Wednesday, March 10, 2021. You can still RVSP to get the meeting Email our secretary to get on the list.

In the meantime, here are some documents we will be reviewing and useful links you may require. Agenda coming soon.

GCL Bylaws

GCL Board Position Descriptions

Virtual AGM: Wednesday, March 10th at 7:00 pm

The Griesbach Community League will be holding our 2021 AGM online this year. And it’s taking place in your home!

Get updates on community development. Learn about projects your board has been working on, such as a submission for a new playground along Roundel Lake and more.

This is also the time we hold our General Election. It’s a chance for
community members like you to run for the board
and help shape our community with your amazing ideas.

The following board positions are up for election this year. All terms are

Executive: President*
Directors: Sports, Volunteers, Structures & Facilities, Programs, Neighbourhood Watch, Member at Large 

*Candidates for President must have served one term on the board

If you are interested in one or more of these positions and would like more specifics, descriptions can be found on our blog.

This year, it’s particularly important that we find a dedicated, organized
individual to fill the vacant Structures & Facilities position, as this director
will be  responsible for leading the next phase of our northwest playground construction process.

RSVP to Receive the Zoom Meeting Link

To get the meeting link, please email secretary@griesbachcommunity.com by March 8th. Please include the names of family members attending, and indicate if you have a current membership. We will email it to you the day before the meeting.

Is Your Membership Current?

To run, you must be an adult resident of Griesbach and current member of Griesbach Community League (GCL). You’ll also require a 2020/2021 GCL membership to vote. Memberships are $25 and are available through our CommuniBee App and online at griesbachcommunity.com.

Get more information:

We’ll post details about the various board positions on our website:
griesbachcommunity.com. We hope you can join us, see some familiar faces (without masks) and help us meet our quorum. See you in the meeting grid! 

If you have any questions, please email secretary@griesbachcommunity.com


In February, we will be featuring an “Ask Me Anything” section on our facebook page, allowing you to ask questions to the Board Directors who are stepping down.

If you have been looking for a volunteer commitment and would like to work towards making Griesbach worthy of even more superlatives, this is a perfect opportunity to learn how the board could benefit from your talents.

Roundel Lake Play Area: What We Heard


In 2017, the Griesbach Community League conducted a survey of residents to determine the priorities in a number of areas for our community. The resulting analysis was delivered as the 2018 Cultivating Community Spirit report. Residents clearly asked the Community League to “develop more playgrounds and activities in other areas (outside of the structures developed close to Major General Griesbach School)”.

In 2019, the Community League felt that we were in a position to explore building a playground in another area of Griesbach and struck a committee to lead our efforts. After discussions with the City of Edmonton, a proposed site in the North West corner of Roundel Lake by the RCAF Park was identified. 

Engagement Process


Before the Community League committed financial resources to this project we wanted to engage with our community to ensure a play area in this location was still seen as a high priority. We also wanted to identify how residents would use this new play area.


Provincial restrictions to combat the pandemic have curtailed the channels that could be used to engage our residents. The Community League opted to conduct an online survey in October of 2020 and let the community know about the survey in a number of different ways. We placed several notifications in our social media channels as well as on Griesbach’s more general Facebook pages. We also featured the survey in our newsletter and hand-delivered 100 paper notices to homes in the immediate vicinity of the proposed play area.

To extend our reach, we also had an in person meeting with representatives from the RCAF Park project. We wanted to hear how our proposed play area would be received by the RCAF and how it would fit in with their original design.

What We Asked

The survey was intended to gauge the level of support for this project and where that support would come from. It was also designed to provide feedback on what types of activities residents would like to see in a new play area and how they would like to interact with those elements. Determining the preferred uses will help us in the overall design and cost of any potential park area.


We met 2 representatives of the RCAF Park design team at the proposed site and discussed the project with them. 

The online survey received 135 responses:

  • 80% had children aged 12 and under, 
  • 79% lived within a few blocks of the new proposed play area, while
  • 75% say that they visit the existing RCAF Park at least every 2 weeks if not daily.

What We Heard

Residents were overwhelmingly in favour of developing a play area at Roundel Lake.

  • 76% or respondents saw a small park as a priority for the Community League, and
  • 87% said that they would support this new play area.

The existing area around Roundel Lake is mainly used for walking and cycling (87% of respondents), while 43% say they use it as a play area. Most residents see the area as a quiet place to walk and enjoy the flora and fauna around the Lake. It is seen as a place that all ages can enjoy but would benefit by including activities specifically for children.

When asked about what a new play area could look like we received a wide variety of responses and fairly even split in how residents would use it.

  • 76% wanted some form of play structure
    • 51% looking for conventional playground equipment
    • 49% preferring a natural play area with trees and rocks
  • 50% to 60% were looking for seating and shade space where they could meet and socialize with friends and neighbours.
  • The RCAF representatives were supportive of a more natural looking area that could accommodate the physical activities of children while providing a place for all ages to gather and socialize. 
  • Respondents also referenced the quiet nature of the current area and the amount of seniors that visit Roundel Lake to enjoy the scenery.

Final Thoughts

135 respondents tend to have 135 ideas of how this underused area by Roundel Lake could be developed but it is clear that the overwhelming majority would like to see the Community League create a play area here. The challenge will be designing something that will enhance the current park, provide a play area for children, combined with a meeting area for residents and friends, while not detracting from the aesthetics of the RCAF monuments and the natural beauty of the Lake. 

The site that is being proposed is located away from the lake and very accessible to the rest of the neighbourhood. It is not currently developed and, with the proper placement of trees and benches, would enhance the park and provide a gathering space for residents of all ages to enjoy and create new bonds.

New Year’s Eve Salsa

The Griesbach Community League is hosting a live-streamed salsa class on New Year’s Eve at 9pm. Join the neighbourhood in taking a live-streamed salsa class led by a professional instructor from ETOWN SALSA.

Register on Eventbrite to reserve your spot and you will receive the link!

For questions, email social@griesbachcommunity.com

Will you expand your circle of giving this season?

Some people have reached out to our community league, asking if in what way they can help out those in need. What thoughtfulness during the holiday season–especially given the unforeseen collective challenges of this year!

One of the best ways to help is to volunteer your time or to donate money to already-established charities and organizations that better the community.

This list, though not exhaustive, includes organizations that are accepting help, as well as a list of resources for you or loved ones impacted–in a multitude of ways–by the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Mental Health Resources: available to individuals who are seeking help or wanting to talk to someone:

Call 911 if in immediate danger

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

Distress line: 780-482-HELP (4357)

Call 211 for information and referrals to connect to social, health and government services

Alberta Health Services Mental Health Helpline: 1-877-303-2642

Alberta Health Services – Addiction and Mental Health

Community Urgent Services and Stabilization Team: 780-342-7777

Children’s Mental Health Crisis Line: 780-427-4491

AHS Addictions Helpline: 1-866-332-2322

Visit Canadian Mental Health Association or AHS Help in Tough Times for additional resources.

Financial Aid Resources:

You Can Benefit is an online tool that provides citizens with easy web and mobile access to information on local, municipal, provincial and federal benefits. Check to see if you qualify for any of these benefits. To get started, visit youcanbenefit.edmonton.ca

You may also wish to sign up to receive information on financial resources and the latest updates on the current COVID-19 municipal, provincial and federal emergency support. To subscribe to the Earn Build and Save newsletter, visit edmonton.ca/financialempowerment.

Edmonton Financial Empowerment Collaborative provides information about resources and supports to help visitors to the site earn, save and build towards a stable and secure financial future.

Will connect you with local charities needing help or donations

For Those Wanting to Help (donating time or resources):

  • Edmonton Community Foundation
  • Edmonton Food Bank
  • Homeward Trust (the Mustard Seed, e4c, Boyle Street Community Services, Bissell Centre, YESS)
  • Meals on Wheels
  • United Way
  • Alberta Cares Connector (for volunteering)
  • Reach Edmonton (for financial donations)

Volunteer Connector – COVID-19 Volunteer Opportunities

Canada Helps: COVID-19 Charity List – A list of charities fighting COVID-19 across the world

Alberta Non-profit Network (ABNN) COVID-19 Resources – Advocacy and fundraising resources

ECVO COVID-19 Resource Portal – Advocacy and sharing resources

Canada Revenue Agency – Information on donating and charities

Alberta Bits and Pieces Program – equipment, manufacturing, or service provisions to support the public health response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

And in our own community, offering to run errands or pick up groceries for the time being while cohorts are not allowed.

Federal Resources:

Support for businesses, including non-profits, including wage subsidies and access to credit

CRA information for charities

Employment and Social Development Information

Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) FAQ

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)

Emergency Support Fund for Cultural, Heritage and Sport Organizations

Provincial Resources:

211 Alberta –  List of COVID-19 Related Resources is a provincial directory of community, health, social and governmental organizations and services.

COVID-19 Information

Child care during COVID-19: Information on child care closures, and options for essential service workers and home-based child care providers.

Student Learning during COVID-19: Guidelines for continuing K to 12 student learning while in-school classes are cancelled due to COVID-19. 

Emergency funding for charities and not-for-profit organizations: emergency funding from the Alberta government as part of the COVID-19 response. 

Utility payment deferral: Individuals, families and businesses can defer utility payments until June 19, 2020, to lessen the financial burden associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Provincial supports for employers – Includes information on funding and supportive measures for local businesses, employers and employees.

Consumer Protection: If you see prices for products or services in Alberta skyrocket because of COVID-19, you can report it through our Report-a-Ripoff submission form or by calling 1-877-427-4088.

Landlords and Tenants in Alberta: COVID-19 Information for Alberta Landlords and Tenants Rent Payment Plans

No Griesbach Remembrance Day Ceremony for 2020

Griesbach Community League has confirmed that there will not be a public Remembrance Day ceremony taking place in Griesbach this year, due to safety concerns around Covid-19. Unfortunately, the latest AHS guidelines limit public gatherings to 15 people, making it impossible for most traditional Remembrance ceremonies to take place across the city.

This event is normally hosted by the 3rd Battalion of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry. Set in Patricia Park, in Griesbach, it has become a point of pride and an annual tradition for many residents – and one of our city’s largest memorial events. We are sad that we will not be able to gather to share our respects, yet are completely understanding of the extraordinary situation that has led to this decision.

That said, there are several ways to honour the fallen this November 11th:

  • Proudly wear a poppy, and support the Royal Canadian Legion and Canada’s veterans.
  • Participate in the traditional moment of silence at 11:00 am, wherever you may be.
  • Thank a soldier or veteran for their service.
  • Visit Griesbach’s many monuments that pay tribute to the soldiers, military branches and key battles – located throughout the community.
  • Each street in Griesbach has deep meaning behind its name. Read the plaques to learn the stories of valour and courage.
  • This year, a unique event has been created to honour the 1.7 million Commonwealth soldiers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. It’s called Shine On. On November 11th at 7pm you are encouraged to go outside and look at the stars in the night sky. Learn more about an initiative to name the stars after the fallen. This virtual event is hosted by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Have Your Say on a new “Pocket Park” in Griesbach

A 2018 community-wide survey (Cultivating Community Spirit) showed that Griesbach residents would like more playgrounds.

The Griesbach Community League proposes building a “pocket park” on the North-West corner of Roundel Lake. No fundraising is necessary as the GCL has casino funds that it needs to spend soon before they would have to be returned to the AGLC.

By taking this brief survey, you can let us know how this park would best suit you and your family’s needs.

Party in the Park 2020 Cancelled

We are sorry to announce that we will have to cancel this year’s Party in the Park as we do not yet have confirmation that we will be able to host large outdoor events.

Keep your spirits up, though, for the next year’s Party in the Park scheduled for September 4th, 2021!

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