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Your donation can help us meet a crucial deadline – so we can build our playground THIS YEAR!


Incredible news:

If we get $30,000* in the bank by April 1, 2016 – we can have a playground in place THIS fall! 

After many years of fundraising, consultation and design, we are FINALLY within striking distance of starting our build. If we can raise approximately $30,000 by April 1st, we can break ground THIS season.

It’s a big “IF” but we’re confident that we can do it.

We are asking your family – or your business – if you can make an immediate contribution prior to the April 1st deadline.

At the recent community AGM, we had a number of residents make generous contributions – many over $100. As a result, we raised close to $2,400 in one night! If everyone could give just a little bit, we can unquestionably achieve this goal and get shovels in the ground.

The good news is that all donations over $20 qualify for a tax receipt from the City of Edmonton!!!

If your company is part of a donation matching program – your contribution doubles – to get us that much closer. There are also recognition programs in place for corporate donors and large individual donors.

This playground will directly benefit the 500+ kids who attend Major General Griesbach School – which was built without a playground. The planned playground and park now has a name: “Maple Leaf Park” – and a proposed design (see link below). All it needs is a final funding push.

Here is a link to the community page where you can get additional information on the proposed design plan. We want your honest opinion in telling us what you like and what you don’t like: http://griesbachcommunity.com/griesbach-playground-design-equipment-what-do-you-think/

WE ONLY HAVE A LIMITED AMOUNT OF TIME SO PLEASE SHARE THIS PAGE. Every dollar helps and our children will thank you for years to come.

* Our target of $30,000 is a bit of a simplified number. The actual number for April 1st is $17,874 by April 1 and $11,825 by mid-may. Additional funds will be required at a later date to complete features that will not be addressed in the initial build: including the gazebo and additional furniture. This will likely be covered by upcoming fundraising initiatives including a casino. The numbers keep changing with every donation. The gofundit tally does not include a couple of big announcements: including a $4,700 donation from MGG School and approximately $2,400 donated at the recent AGM.