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Winning team simply AMAZING!

Two of our youngest competitors surprised everyone by finishing ahead of the pack in this weekend’s Griesbach Amazing Race. Congratulations to Jack and Donalda for using their heads and their legs to take the title.

The teams started off searching for worms before heading to the highest point in the neighborhood to drink (yum, pickle juice!) Next they had to go to school (on the weekend) to find the next clue. There they puzzled together an address and had the choice to BUILD or BLOW – build a house of card or blow up Diet Coke with Mentos! The next task was to find a horse in a circle, and memorize and perform the first verse of the poem “In Flanders Fields.” Racing to the finish before the first rain drops landed, Jack and Donalda took home first prize, $50 iTunes cards each! There were no losers, as ever team member received $15 in Cineplex gift cards for taking part!

All of the teams had a great race, and we look forward to making it even bigger and better next year! We hope everyone had as much fun as our volunteers did watching!

Special thanks to Melissa, Chris and Justine Carvalho, and Justin Ferreira for all of their hard work organizing this event.

Please send any feedback for next years race to Program Director, Melissa Carvalho, so we can have a bigger, better AMAZING RACE GRIESBACH 2016!