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Booking your wedding in a public park

We recently received a question from a Griesbach resident asking if they could book the park we use for Shake at the Lake (Perron-Berger Park) for a wedding. Wow, that would be a cool spot for an outdoor wedding.

As parks fall under the responsibility of the City of Edmonton, we did not have an answer. Fortunately, we know someone who would. Alison Mould, Community Recreation Coordinator for the City of Edmonton  (NW District) shared the following. Note, contact information is at the bottom of this article.

General Information for Weddings on City of Edmonton Parkland

Yes… weddings may be held on City Parkland. There are three main options for citizens considering a wedding ceremony in City Parks.

1. Open Parkland – If your gathering will have 50 or more people, this type of event is required to have a permit issued at no cost. Less than 50 people there is no requirement for a permit but you may still wish to contact us to see what else is going on in the park that day. No set-up of any structures, chairs, arbours etc. is permitted on open space. The permit gives permission for the activity to occur, but does not guarantee a specific site in the park or any exclusive use.

2.  Book-able Picnic Sites, Gazebos or the Borden Park Bandshell – This option provides for a booked space to hold your event. There is a cost per hour for booking these sites, which varies with the facilities provided. Set-up of additional structures can be permitted on these sites. Guidelines for use of picnic sites apply to these sites.

3. Community Services Facilities – City Facilities such as the Muttart Conservatory, Fort Edmonton, the Heritage Amphitheater, the ACT Centre and the Rundle Family Centre provide “private” book-able space and can offer more elaborate options in terms of your ceremony or reception. Costs are specific to different options within these facilities, so please contact their rental coordinator for more information. Each facility will also have usage guidelines.

Since a wedding ceremony is a private event, and City Parks are provided as public space, this is the City of Edmonton’s main consideration in looking at such events. Parkland remains a public space, and we can make no guarantees as to who will wander through your ceremony or set up next door. Your “event” may potentially be impacted by weather (both good and bad), other goings on in the park, or other events. As such, there are a few considerations that may effect your planning.

General Guidelines and Information

• Park areas are open for public use from 05:00 – 23:00 daily. (Bookings are limited to 08:00 – 22:00). Amenities such as bathrooms in the parks open & close at different site-specific times.

• Park areas / facilities may be closed due to circumstances beyond our control such as weather damage, vandalism, construction/repair needs.

• The City does not guarantee that public parking will be sufficient for your needs nor that all members of your party may be able to access your event. Parking regulations are enforced in City parks.

• Parkland and picnic sites are provided “as is”. City crews do no extraordinary work to prepare the site other than standard maintenance and cleaning.

General Information for Weddings on City of Edmonton Parkland

• Generally vehicles are not allowed off of designated public roadways and parking areas. For book-able sites, arrangements can be made at a cost for vehicle access to drop off/pick up supplies.

• The erection of any structures such as archways, awnings or tents (up to 20 x 40 ‘) are allowed only on book-able sites. Decorations may be put up only in a manner that does not damage park structures or trees.

• No rice or confetti may be used.

• Live un-amplified music is allowed but cannot interfere with other park patron’s quiet enjoyment of the park. Stereos or public address systems are prohibited.

• Any temporary signage or directional aids are to be approved by City staff prior to being posted and removed immediately after event.
• Consumption of liquor is prohibited in all City Parks under provincial law.
• Tables in canopies or shelters are fixed and cannot be moved.
• Any food service may require a permit.
• The use of Horses / Carriage may be allowed by special permit on park roadways or turf. Approval is based on a variety of safety and other considerations.


Bookings Unit – Picnic Site Bookings – 496-4999

River Valley Events Liaison – Open Space Use 496-4981

Community Recreation Coordinators – referral through 496-4999

Commercial Activities Coordinator– 496-8363

Community Services Facilities:

ACT / Rundle Family Centre – 496-1496

Heritage Ampitheater – Wm. Hawrelak Park – 496 – 5835

Fort Edmonton – 496-8777

Valley Zoo – 496-8777

Muttart Conservatory – 496-1403

Prince of Wales Armoury – 496-8710