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Complain to the Competition Bureau about the empty Sobeys lot

Are you sick of the empty lot on the corner of 137th Avenue and 97th Street? So are we.

The Griesbach Community League wants you, the residents of Griesbach and surrounding neighbourhoods, to tell the federal Competition Bureau what you think in hopes of finally getting this lot developed or, at the very least, sold to someone who will develop it.

This lot was originally purchased by Sobeys to build a grocery store. However, when Sobeys bought the Safeway grocery store chain in 2013, plans to develop that valuable corner lot came to a screeching halt.

There is now no incentive for Sobeys to build a brand-new store directly across the road from Safeway, the store it already owns in Northgate Centre.

Since then, the lot has remained vacant. By holding on to this corner lot, Sobeys is also ensuring that no other grocery competitor can build near its Safeway store.

To make matters worse, Sobeys has placed restrictive covenants on land adjacent to the vacant land. These restrictions prevent business that would compete with a grocery store from leasing space in Griesbach Square. That means bakers, butchers and even a flower shop may be prevented from leasing space in Griesbach Square.

The end result is a derelict and overgrown empty lot in a prime commercial location, fewer businesses in Griesbach Square and less choice for consumers in Griesbach and surrounding neighbourhoods.

After considering all options, the Griesbach Community League board members believe a co-ordinated campaign to complain to the Competition Bureau may result in action.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Download the attached Word Document.
  2. Read the instructions page.
  3. Fill in your personal information (the sections highlighted in yellow).
  4. Mail the document to the Competition Bureau OR attach as a file and submit it online (this process is a bit complicated, it might be easier to mail) OR drop the printed document off at the Griesbach Community League AGM on Monday, March 11 in the MGG School gym and we will mail it for you.
  5. Send us an email to competition@griesbachcommunity.com to let us know you submitted the form. This is so we can track submissions.

Griesbach-Square-complaint (Click here to download Word doc)