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Playground Fundraising Push Exceeds Expectations

We have fantastic news to report on the recent fundraising push for the Griesbach Playground (Maple Leaf Park). The campaign exceeded our wildest expectations, raising $31,500 (and the numbers are still changing).

So what does this mean?

We needed to add $16,800 to our bank account by April 1st in order to qualify to build the bulk of the proposed playground this year. So a 2016 build is still possible.

The Playground Committee will be reviewing community feedback it received on the proposed design, and will also be seeking input from the children of Major General Griesbach School. Once feedback has been taken into consideration, the City of Edmonton will need to complete their design approval.

We still have a few outstanding fundraising goals to reach. An additional $7,140 will be required to put  in all of the benches designated in the plan. Another $25,000 is needed to complete the full landscape design and $28,500 will be needed to build the proposed Gazebo.

We hope you can help us hit these goals by contributing to our upcoming BOTTLE DRIVE on April 9th (this coming weekend) and at our Spring Fling Social and Fundraiser. We’ll also be continuing to accept personal donations through our GoFundMe site.

Achieving this initial goal would not have been possible without the determined efforts and generousity of a number of individuals and groups. We owe our gratitude to the following:

The residents of Griesbach who have stepped forward to support this project. In particular, a number of anonymous donors who have made sizeable personal contributions.

  • Damion van’t Kruis for setting up the GoFundMe page
  • Canada Lands Company
  • Principal Lynch and the Staff at Major General Griesbach School
  • Our Corporate Sponsors: Homes by Avi, Pringle Chivers Sparks Teskey, Skuba Dental, Coventry Homes, Rosslyn Inn and Suites, Dream Homes by Krisner and Lucky Supermarket
  • The Major General Griesbach School
  • MGG School Fundraising Society and Parent Council
  • The Griesbach Playground Committee (Jim Chronopoulos, Kara Kempin, Joylyn Teskey) and Playground Fundraising Committee, (Brad Tilley and Stacy Felkar)
  • Griesbach Community League and all our community volunteers

Thanks for hep putting us over the top. We’ll keep you informed as we learn more .