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“In Flanders Fields” honoured in Griesbach

IMG_2679Griesbach is the proud home to an exceptional new park honouring John McCrae’s epic poem, In Flanders Fields. (Click here to see the story from Global news.)

This weekend, a stirring ceremony was held to commemorate the poem on its 100th anniversary… and to unveil new displays telling the story of the poem’s origins, as well as providing historical perspective. A beautiful bronze plaque celebrates the poem in the author’s original handwriting for all to see.

Major General Griesbach School student Kaylem Nice was selected to recite the poem at the ceremony. He’s a great speaker and did his community extremely proud.

We hope this park will attract Edmontonians of all ages and serve to keep McCrae’s legacy alive, while educating people on the horrors of war and the immense sacrifice generations of youth made on the battlefield.

Canada Lands and the Village at Griesbach were instrumental in coming up with the vision for the park, which includes a poppy garden and historical plaques honouring John McCrae. They were supported by a dedicated organizing committee that put an incredible amount of research into this project to ensure they got it right.

Special thanks to the Castle Downs Recreation Society, which was the driving force behind the storyboards and the ceremony. Our community is proud to be home to such an important monument.


CDRS President, Lynnette Thompson


Flanders Field Park Committee