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Help Plant a Frontline Forrest

Want to help plant a “Frontline Forest” dedicated to all frontline medical staff keeping us safe during the pandemic? Do you want to spend time outside with neighbours while also getting your hands a little dirty? On October 8, The City of Edmonton’s Root for Trees Program is looking for 30 volunteers+ to help transplant seedlings within the Central Park to establish a new forested area in the neighbourhood.

This hands-on learning experience is a great way to celebrate trees in your community, and learn more about the services they provide. You’re invited to join us for a safe and interactive volunteer tree planting experience. All ages are welcome!

This event is scheduled to take place Friday October 8th from 2pm to 6pm at Griesbach Central Park. Volunteers will have input into site selection and help leave a lasting legacy on our community. Covid-safe refreshments will be provided and Root for Trees will have a free plant give-away.
If you are interested please contact the GCL parks director at parks@griesbachcommunity.com.