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Have a safe Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner.

First things first. If you’re new, you may want to know how much candy to buy. We typically hear reports of 80 – 130 kids in most parts of Griesbach. The community is growing… so plan accordingly. (The downside is there is a good chance you’ll have leftover treats to tempt mom and dad).

Secondly, we want the little GriesBoos, GriesGhouls and GriesGoblins to be safe.

Fortunately, our neighbourhood is nicely set up for safe trick or treating. If you’re driving, PLEASE SLOW DOWN and keep an eye out for costumed candy crusaders. Here are a few tips to consider when making/buying costumers or decorating your home to fright and delight:

  • Make sure your child can see and breath clearly in his or her costume.
    • Avoid any loose or hanging pieces that may cause your child to trip.
    • Make sure the costume is made of flame resistant material.
    • If the costume makes your child hard to see in the dark, consider glow sticks or reflectors.
  • Accompany young children going door to door. Older kids should go out in a group with their friends. Make sure they know to obey traffic rules before crossing the street. (Sometimes the sugar rush causes them to get excited).
  • Remind them not to eat any candy that is opened or provided in non-commercial wrap.
  • When decorating your house, keep items away from the step so that kids don’t accidentally trip. This especially applies to pumpkins with candles and exposed flame.

Good luck preparing for Halloween. If you hear of any haunted houses being planned let us know.