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Griesbach’s Flanders Field Park Commemoration Sunday Nov 1st

IMG_2129Flanders Field Park Commemoration
Sunday, November 1, 2015, 11:00 am
McCrae Ave., Edmonton (Griesbach)
Public welcome!

On November 1st, a ceremony will be held to commemorate Flanders Fields Park. The Village at Griesbach created this stunning tribute to Flanders Fields and the Canadian medical officer (John McCrae) who made it famous with his epic poem of the same name. This year marks the poem’s 100th anniversary.

The park features a scarlet poppy garden. Plaques and storyboards have been created to honour McRae, tell the story of the poem’s origins and to highlight the lasting legacy left by this powerful poem.

Our neighbours from the Castle Downs Recreation Society have been heavily involved in supporting this project and are helping to host this event. We hope you make it down.

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