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Griesbach resident starts innovative online buy/sell site specifically for parents.

As the saying goes “It takes a village to raise a child.” Griesbach resident, Perry Chahal is literally taking this saying to another level.

Chahal is introducing OutgrownMyStuff.ca as a FREE web site that helps people buy, sell, trade or give away children’s items through one convenient website.

This online resource is now available to Griesbach residents (in fact, the initial testing was done in our community). Yet this entrepreneur is thinking big – and has set his sights much farther. Chahal has launched OutgrownMyStuff into the USA.

The idea struck Chahal (a parent of four children) three years ago, prior to moving to Griesbach.


The Chahal family.

“My wife, Jennifer, and I went into our garage and realized that we had spent almost as much on strollers as it would have cost to buy a used car! I said we need to donate or sell these items,” Chahal says with a gentle laugh.

Hip, smart, savvy and environmentally-conscious, OutgrownMyStuff.ca operates similar to Craigslist, eBay or Kijiji – but with a family-focused approach that is designed to create a more parent-friendly experience.

Griesbach residents may also be interested in the other services available on the site.

OutgrownMyStuff.ca includes a section where those offering child care services can post openings in and around the community (something Griesbach Community League get lots of requests for). It also includes expert advice, helpful tips for parents, coupons, discounts on diapers from manufacturers and so much more.

“It’s about time the middle class got some help,”

The Chahals are very family-oriented and value the sense of community Griesbach offers. Jennifer is one of the lead volunteers guiding our soccer program. Perry coached soccer in Griesbach prior to moving here, and helped volunteer with the Griesbach Baseball program that debuted this spring.

We wish Perry best of luck in his new venture. If you have kids and have been scared by the high price of strollers, high chairs and other essentials – or are a parent with a mountain of gently used gear and clothing in your basement, check OutgrownMyStuff.ca.


Do you know of a Griesbach resident who is doing neat things? Let us know.