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GCL fighting to save playground until new one in place.

Yesterday Griesbach residents brought their children to the playground only to find it was fenced off. Workers revealed it was slated for demolition. This caused tears among the children, and concern among residents and the GCL board – as we were repeatedly promised the playground would remain in place until the new playground was open (expected this summer).

Please be assured we have been busy trying to get to the bottom of this. Councillor Bev Esslinger and her staff have been working diligently to assist us in our efforts to delay any actions that would negatively impact our children and upcoming Green Shack programs. As the current park is on land owned by EPSB we are touching base with them as well. We spoke with the administration at MGG School, who were equally unaware of the closure – and are fully committed to help us keep it open.

Please stay tuned. We will share details once we learn more. Thanks to everyone for your concern and support.