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GCL approves final funding of Maple Leaf Park. Construction set to begin August.

After four long years of planning, fundraising and community consultation, the money is in the bank and the design is in place – paving the way for the construction of Griesbach Maple Leaf Park and Playground. If all goes according to plan (weather pending), the build will begin this August and the playground will be completed early fall – so it can be enjoyed by students of Major General Griesbach School, which was built without a playground of its own.

At a Special Meeting of Griesbach Community League (GCL), members unanimously voted to give the Griesbach Community League Board authorization to spend up to $343,520 of league funds to build Maple Leaf Park and Playground. Additional funds will follow to cover the installation of a gazebo in 2017 – with a contingency to cover additional playground equipment that may be added to the design. All monies will be matched by the City of Edmonton for a total build cost of $747,000.

These funds have raised thanks to the tireless efforts and cooperation of several groups, sponsors, volunteers and individual donors over the past four years. The money has been held in trust by GCL. League bylaws required a vote to release funds exceeding $10,000.

The need for a playground at the new school was one of the central issues that led to the formation of Griesbach Community League in 2011. A community survey confirmed that a playground was the number one priority of residents, so the Griesbach Playground Committee was established to lead the design process in partnership with the City of Edmonton.

Money has been raised bit by bit through bottle drives, bingos, silent auctions, grants, commemorative bricks and other school fundraisers. In the last year as we inched closer and closer to our objective, the fundraising efforts reached a fevered pitch – highlighted by a wildly successful GoFundMe campaign (the brainchild of Damion van’t Kruis).

It was a ton of work to get to where we are today. At times, it felt like we would never hit this elusive goal. But thanks to the never-quit attitude of all those committed to making this playground a reality, we made it.

Griesbach Community League would like to recognize the following groups and individuals for their hard work to get us to where we are today:

  • The residents of Griesbach who have supported us along the way, making our various fundraisers a huge success by donating their time and money.
  • Our incredible corporate sponsors for their extreme generosity: Canada Lands Company, Homes by Avi, Pringle/Chivers/Sparks/Teskey Barristers, Skuba Dental, Homes by Avi, Coventry Homes, Rosslyn Inn & Suites, Dream Homes by Krisner, Shoppers Drug Mart, Castledowns Pharmacy, Schulte PC and Lucky 97.
  • Major General Griesbach School and MGG Fundraising Society for your creative fundraising initiatives and support.
  • The numerous local businesses that have selflessly donated to our fundraisers over the years.The City of Edmonton and the Province of Alberta.
  • The Griesbach Playground Committee: Jim Chronopoulos (Chair), Joylyn Teskey, Karen Kempin, Alison Mould (Community Recreation Coordinator, City of Edmonton)
  • The Griesbach Playground Fundraising Committee: Brad Tilley and Stacy Felkar
  • The Griesbach Community League Board of Directors, past and present.

Maple Leaf Park will be a source a fun, amusement and pride for many many years to come. It is a project that brought the whole community together and demonstrated why Griesbach is one of the best places to live and raise a family in Edmonton.

We can’t wait to see the smiling faces of the kids as they scale the climber, soar on the swings and navigate the bike bumps. Playtime is just around the corner!


Pictured: GCL Board and Community members following the vote.