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Community League votes to refurbish original playground

Members of the Griesbach Community League have voted to take the next step in fixing up the original playground in Maple Leaf park.

In a vote on Monday, June 11, members of the the community opted to spend up to $160,000 to improve the playground. The money will be used to bring the existing blue and yellow climbing structure up to current requirements so it can be enjoyed for years to come. This will include replacing the current slides, tightening everything and painting the entire structure.

The old wooden structure and the climbing dome will be removed, at the expense of Edmonton Public Schools, which currently owns the property. The old sand will also be removed and replaced.

The community league will pay for two new play structures in the park. This will including a climbing and slide structure for kids in the two-to-five-year-old age group and a climbing merry-go-round. This decision was based on feedback from community members, who told the community league that they wanted a safe place for preschoolers to play while the park closer to the school was being used by older children at recess time.

The $160,000 also includes money for benches, at least one picnic table and two trash cans.

The City of Edmonton will add additional trees to the area at no cost.

The park will be fenced off and not open to the public during the repair and installation. We appreciate the community’s patience during this time. The entire process should take six to eight weeks once the fences go up. We will provide more information as it become available.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Monday meeting, or provided feedback on this project through your emails and Facebook comments. Complete meeting minutes from the special meeting are available here as a PDF: GCL Special Meeting Minutes June 11 2018.