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City bylaw outlines responsible pet ownership.

We frequently receive questions from residents about pets. To make things easy for you, we’ve posted the City of Edmonton Animal Licensing and Control Bylaw on our website (click here).

The number one concern were hear about is about people allowing their dogs to run off leash. The bylaw states that this is only permitted in designated off-leash parks. Griesbach has no such areas, which means that dogs must remain on a leash at all times when walking through our community. This includes Central Park, the walking paths, school yard and playground and various green spaces.

No big surprise, number two on the list involves… number two! The bylaw clearly states that dog owners are responsible for picking up their dog’s excrement – in public areas and on private property that does not belong to the dog owner.

Excessive barking is another area that is covered under the bylaw. The bylaws states it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure the dog does not “bark in a manner that is reasonably likely to annoy or disturb the peace of others.”

The fine for contravening these bylaws is $250.

If you think the bylaw discriminates against canines, it also applies to cats and a a variety of other animals. For example, owners are responsible for ensuring their cats do not wander into their neighbour’s yard without consent. The bylaw covers everything from prohibited animals (chickens. large animals and poisonous snakes) to annual licensing.

The good news is that Griesbach is blessed to have so many responsible pet owners. If you are a pet lover, be sure to brush up on the bylaws.