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Bedford Basin Pathway Update

A number of residents have expressed their frustration with the damaged pathway along the North side of  Bedford Basin (behind the Juno Townhomes) – a favourite walkway of residents of all ages. It seems like it has taken forever to address. Patience is wearing understandably thin.

We looked into it to see if we could confirm when it would be fixed, and here is what we learned.

Canada Lands is not involved. It is now considered City of Edmonton parkland. The repairs are the responsibility of Lear Construction Management. A representative from Lear responded immediately to our request for information:

“We are currently dealing with the insurance companies of all the stakeholders involved to try and get the pathway repaired ASAP. The stakeholders include the City of Edmonton, the developer of the project and the trade that damaged the pathway.  Unfortunately we were not able to get it resolved last year due to continual weather delays and saturation issues – and now it has been pushed up to the insurance companies. It is our hopes that the replacement of the pathway will be done ASAP this spring but unfortunately is out of our control at the moment.”

We have asked to be informed of updates, which we will share as learn more. Hopefully it is fixed soon, as the lakes were designed to provide an integrated pathway system – ideal for long summer walks.