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B&E Arrests. New Griesbach Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page

FB Page BannerConstable Jacqui Buchannan of the EPS has informed us that two individuals have been arrested on charges related to a recent spate of break-ins in Griesbach. She is confident that we will see a significant drop in B&E crimes as a result.

These break-ins have created quite a stir on our Facebook page, with a number of residents posting reports of suspicious activity and even photos of suspects. Due to the interest, a new Facebook page has been created – dedicated exclusively to posts concerning neighbourhood watch.

It will be a “closed” group. Simply search for Griesbach Neighbourhood Watch and click Join. Or Click Here. You will receive a confirmation in short order.

The reason for the dedicated “by-invitation” FB page is to ensure we can keep posts on criminal activity private from the prying eyes of those responsible. The more of us who join and share our observations, the more effective it will be.