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Communications Director

Q & A with Bill Countryman

After six and a half years devoted to our community’s sports programs, our Sports Director Bill is stepping down from his volunteer role on the Griesbach Community League.

We are now looking to fill the position: are you ready to take on this challenging, but rewarding role? Read this Q & A with Bill to find out.

If you have any questions or would like to apply, please email our president, Shelby Corley (president@griesbachcommunity.com)


1. Briefly describe both the busy and slower season.
The busy season is the spring session from February until June. In the past we have seen as many as 150 registrations. After registrations, the Sports Director finds volunteers for the session and arranges resources. Much of the time goes towards setting up the teams; paying fees; organizing team equipment; communicating with parents and coaches; and coordinating coaching courses. Throughout the season, there is an on-going need to address parent concerns, set up pictures, and respond to divisional requests from the zone office. Towards the end of the season, there is a need for equipment collection, deployment of team pictures and organizing of the year-end party for younger age groups. With the Volunteers Director position still vacant, the Sports Director may take on the extra responsibility of contacting parents. The fall season is very similar in terms of responsibilities but only for about one-third of the teams and it is about one-third as busy.Outside the organizing, there is a need to keep up with the EMSA (Edmonton Minor Soccer Association) meetings and emails.

2. Briefly describe how the season (and the position) have changed for the time being and any current challenges with the limited season.
This past spring, due to Covid-19, the number of registrants was down substantially–about 25% of previous levels with only four teams, making it relatively easy. The biggest challenge was having parents cancel without notifying, due to Covid-19. This fall season is strictly online through the zone and for indoor, but Griesbach will not be supporting any teams.

3. The number of hours per month on average (pre-Covid-19 and currently).
Spring session> (Feb to May) 10-20 hours a week (This includes: Email, meetings, sessions, and organizing).

Fall session> (Mid August to October) 5-10 hours a week (same tasks listed above).

During Covid-19, (February to June), I spent between 5-10 hours a week, due to the start of the season being unknown.  

Fall indoor session has been 1-2 hours, with not having teams for the session.

4. Advice to someone considering applying for this position).
Doing a provincial jail time might be easier! (2 years less a day). Just joking…..The biggest payoff is interacting with the community, forming relationships with young families and seeing the growth of players in the program. The work you put into the community can be seen on the field with the program you create–but you have to be willing to follow through and see it to the end. At a minimum, you need to commit to a 2-year term in order to have a real understanding of the program and to develop some consistency with the EMSA zone.

5. Good qualities to have for this position.Good communication, organization and patience. Soccer or sports experience is not necessary.

6. Ways to grow and what you can learn in this position.
Form a cadre for the program. Choose one person as a point of contact with the zone; one for equipment and logistics and one for volunteers/coaches. I always had people willing to assist with the registrations but finding good coaches willing to commit was the biggest issue.

7. Greatest challenges and successes in this role.
Challenges: the EMSA, the time commitment and finding consistent coaches with experience.
Successes: Watching the teams play, returning teams and coaches; seeing the soccer program go to city championships; and witnessing children and members in the community form friendships outside the sport.

8. Why this role is vital to the community.
It brings young families in the community together and creates long-term friendships in sport that also expand into school.

9. Perks of this position (company car, box seats, signed jerseys…).
Watching the teams play, meeting great families and making new friendships. No perks, no company car, no box seats, no signed jerseys, no fee-saving for registrations of sports……maybe a bag of chips and a pop at the year end party?……oh, and you get to freeze as well. The other perk has been working with a great board with so many accomplishments over the years. 

Have Your Say on a new “Pocket Park” in Griesbach

A 2018 community-wide survey (Cultivating Community Spirit) showed that Griesbach residents would like more playgrounds.

The Griesbach Community League proposes building a “pocket park” on the North-West corner of Roundel Lake. No fundraising is necessary as the GCL has casino funds that it needs to spend soon before they would have to be returned to the AGLC.

By taking this brief survey, you can let us know how this park would best suit you and your family’s needs.

Party in the Park 2020 Cancelled

We are sorry to announce that we will have to cancel this year’s Party in the Park as we do not yet have confirmation that we will be able to host large outdoor events.

Keep your spirits up, though, for the next year’s Party in the Park scheduled for September 4th, 2021!

Become our Next Sports Director!

The Griesbach Community League is looking to fill the role of Sports Director, a vital role in the community and on the board. The candidate should have good organizational and interpersonal skills as one of their responsibilities is to communicate with parents and EMSA North.

The position works closely with the Volunteers Director, Communications Director, Treasurer and President with support for baseball through a Member at Large.
The term begins this fall and the successful candidate will be trained by the current Sports Director.

• Reviews and prepares policy and procedures related to sports programs
• Recruits coaches
• Delegates coaching responsibilities
• Organizes registration times.
• Recommends and collects sports programs fees
• Coordinates maintenance of GCL-owned equipment (soccer balls, jersies, nets, etc.)
• Attends zone and other city-wide related meetings

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please contact community league president Shelby Corley at president@griesbachcommunity.com

Neighbourhood Weeding Party #2!

When: Friday, June 26 at 2:00 pm
Where: Ad Astra monument at Roundel Lake
What: A pop-up party to attack those pop-up weeds
Bring: Your garden gloves and tools (GCL will bring garbage bags)
What else: Remember to maintain physical spacing

Kids are done school—send them over to dig up some thistles and say hi to some goose babies!

Griesbach explorers is back for spring 2020

With the success of the Griesbach Minis in the winter session, the community league will offer a new Griesbach Explorers program that will run from the start of May until the end of June. This program is open to preschool-aged children born in 2015 and 2016, to a maximum of 25 participants.

It will run every Thursday, May 7 to June 25, from 6 to 7 p.m. It will take place outside, in and around the parks in Griesbach.

The program will consist of various activities which allow children to develop physical skills such as coordination, balance, exercise, hand-eye coordination, teamwork and fair play. Activities could include tag games, yoga, soccer, baseball, hiking and track and field. All the activities will be facilitated by mentor coaches from the Griesbach Explorers program.

The Griesbach Explorers program has a formal registration process that will take place on March 11 and March 12, 6:00 to 7 p.m. at MGG school, at the same time as soccer and baseball registration. The cost is $50 for the program. You must be a resident of Griesbach and hold a valid Griesbach Community League membership.
This is a parented program. Parents remain with the children and are encouraged to participate in the activities. All parents must be willing to volunteer during one of the sessions as an assistant.

There is one volunteer requirement per child, such as a bingo shift or volunteering at another community league event.


1. Download this form and fill out two copies to bring to the registration session.

2. Attend either March 11 or 12 registration sessions. Contact Joe SALAYSAY for late registration at: jsalaysay@hotmail.com

3. Purchase a valid community league membership. Available at the registration or online through the CommuniBee app (download free through App Store or Google Play).

4. Pay the registration fee: $50.00 (please bring cheque or cash).

5. Select a volunteer commitment and provide a $250.00 refundable cheque: to be returned once your volunteer commitment has been honoured.

6. If you wish to volunteer as a mentor for the complete season, that counts as your volunteer commitment.

Seeking paid bingo co-ordinator

The Griesbach Community League is seeking a Bingo Coordinator.

Job Description

The Bingo Coordinator is responsible for coordinating all volunteers for Griesbach Community League’s bingo events.

The Bingo Coordinator must:

• Be a member in good standing of the Griesbach Community League
• Be age 18 or older
• Be comfortable with or capable of learning basic G Suite tools including Gmail, Drive, Docs and Sheets
• Have excellent organizational skills
• Have clear communication skills, both written and verbal
• Have strong appreciation for volunteers
• Represent Griesbach Community League positively in all interactions

The Bingo Coordinator’s duties include:
• Liaising with Kensington Bingo
• Ensuring that sufficient volunteers are signed up for each bingo event
• Assigning roles to volunteers
• Communicating role requirements to all volunteers
• Reminding volunteers of event times and location
• Communicating with Griesbach Community League board members, including the Fundraising Director, Volunteers Director, Communications Director and/or President
• Proactive trouble shooting
• Acting as chairperson at all bingo events

A stipend of $200 per event is available for the coordination of volunteers. There are approximately five bingos per calendar year. This stipend applies only to co-ordination, and is not intended to reimburse the Bingo Coordinator for their role as chairperson at bingo events.

To apply, please email: president@griesbachcommunity.com with a 200-word statement, saying why you’d be a great fit for this position.

Notice of Griesbach Community League AGM and bylaw changes

The date for the Griesbach Community League AGM has been set. Please join us:

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Major General Griesbach School gym, 304 Griesbach School Rd.

7-9 p.m.

The Annual General Meeting is open to the public.

This is your chance to hear what directors have been up to this year, vote in new board members and express your priorities or concerns for the upcoming term.

Interested in running for the board? We are recruiting. Learn more about open positions here.

Anyone who wishes to vote must have a valid GCL membership. You can buy a membership with cash or cheque at the membership table ahead of the meeting, online through the CommuniBee app, or through the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues website.

Bylaw changes

It has come to our attention that the Griesbach Community League’s current membership term is not in line with that of the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues. We need to update our membership term from its current April-March term to a September-August term. A Special Resolution to amend the bylaw term will be proposed at our AGM.
Bylaw Three, Article Three to be amended from:

Membership shall be for a period of one year, and this year shall commence on the 1st day of April and end on the 31st day of March of the following year, as per Edmonton Federation of Community League guidelines.


Membership shall be for a period of one year, and this year shall commence on the 1st day of September and end on the 31st day of August of the following year, as per Edmonton Federation of Community League guidelines.

We will ask all GCL members to vote on this change at the March 12 meeting.

Seeking directors for the Griesbach Community League

The Griesbach Community League is seeking some new volunteer directors to fill two-year terms.

Joining the board is a great way to meet new people, learn or perfect skills and make your community an even better place to live. You don’t need previous board experience. Board members include students, parents and retirees. There really is space for everyone!

Time commitment will vary, depending on what kinds of initiatives and events are happening that month. Generally, the board has one meeting per month at Major General Griesbach School. Meetings are capped at two hours, often take less than that, and the board generally doesn’t meet formally over the summer.

Interested? Need more information before saying yes? Email Shelby: president@griesbachcommunity.com for more details.

We are actively recruiting for the following positions, which will be vacant and up for election at our annual general meeting on March 12, 2020.


This position works closely with the president, assisting them in all duties. They will fill in running meetings, when the president or other chairperson is absent. They will also work with the past-president and current president to identify future board members.


This is an executive position. Ideally, we’re looking for a CPA who can serve at least one two-year term. Previous board experience isn’t mandatory. Our current treasurer has done such a great job that you’ll be walking into a well-established practice. Our board meets once per month, and the treasurer is not often required to attend other meetings, but is responsible for bookkeeping, regular financial updates and necessary filings.


Member of the executive. Takes minutes at meetings, keeps records of all documents, creates agendas ahead of meetings, notifies members ahead of meetings. Runs meetings, in absence of president or VP.


This is a great fit for someone who loves writing, photos and storytelling. This person oversees two mailed-out newsletters per year, email newsletters as needed, basic website maintenance and the community Facebook page. They also provide overall communications and marketing advice to the board. Our current communications director will teach you everything you need to know. This is a great opportunity to learn, or sharpen, your digital media skills.


This person co-ordinates volunteer commitments for the sports programs and for community league events. The ideal candidate is organized, loves scheduling and is good at dealing with people.


This person has a passion for event planning and throwing parties. They are the point person for the major Griesbach Community League events, including our annual September party and Easter egg hunt. They can also spearhead smaller events throughout the year.

More detailed position descriptions are available here.

The Griesbach Halloween house decorating contest is back

UPDATE: Judging will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 29. We’ve assembled a highly trained team of judges (nine neighbourhood kids and one Halloween-obsessed Dad). So, get your decorations up this weekend!

Halloween decorations are already going up in Griesbach, and the Griesbach Community League wants to recognize residents who put so much hard work into making their houses fun and spooky.

That means, it’s time for the Griesbach Halloween house decorating contest. The spookiest house in Griesbach will be awarded a $100 gift card.

There will be 12 runner ups, three from each section of the neighbourhood, which will win $25 gift cards. Photos of winning houses will be shared on the community league website and Facebook page.

The sections are:

  • Northwest – Griesbach Road to 113 st, 153 Ave. to 146 Ave.
  • Northeast – east of Griesbach Road to 97, St. north of the school
  • Southeast – south of the school to 137 Ave. and west of Gault Blvd.
  • Southwest – south of 146 Ave. to 137. Ave and west of Gault Blvd.

The Grand prize winner can be from any quadrant.

No need to nominate anyone, you enter just by putting up decorations. However, if you DO want to ensure you, or a neighbour, gets noticed, please email a picture and address to: fundraising@griesbachcommunity.com.

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