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911 called as skidoos spotted in Griesbach.

Saturday afternoon three individuals drove through our community and around Central Park hill on snowmobiles (one was children’s sized). Police were called. If you see this happening again, please call 911 IMMEDIATELY.

This area is designated as a toboggan area and is widely used by our children, so such behaviour cannot be tolerated.

If you saw the snowmobilers or the vehicle that the skidoos were being hauled in, please provide a description or license to Griesbach Community League.

Not only can off road vehicles provide a safety concern, it risks tearing up the hill that Canada Lands put so much work and money into planting.


Following up on the issue of snowmobiles in Parkland, it is addressed by City of Edmonton Bylaw 2202 18.d Motor Vehicles:

“No person shall operate an Off-Highway Vehicle on Parkland.”

According to witnesses, it does not seem like they were driving in a dangerous manner (sorry to imply otherwise). However, if one person contravenes the bylaw it encourages other to follow – and other snowmobilers may not have as much regard for safety. It sets a bad precedent.

Ultimately, it is about allowing everyone to enjoy the park in a safe manner that respects the bylaws the govern all parks.