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March 2023

2022 Financials and Previous Minutes

Ahead of our upcoming AGM, we are posting our financial statement for year, as well as the minutes from last year’s AGM… as required by our bylaws (below). We encourage you to review ahead of tomorrow’s meeting. We will have a vote to approveIf you have any questions, we’d be happy to answer.

2023 Griesbach Community League Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, March 8, 2023, 7:00 pm
MGG School

PDF: 2022 Financial Statements (Click to open)

Griesbach Community League
2022 AGM Minutes (Draft)

March 10, 2022

Special Guests: Blake Desjarlais (MP), David Eggen (MLA), Erin Rutherford (Councillor), Jody
Nelson (NRC), Marvin Neumann (Canada Lands)

  1. Call to order by Carl Knowler at 7:01 pm.
  2. Declaration of Quorum. There being more than 10 members of GCL present, quorum was
    declared. (36 guests)
  3. Welcome from Special Guests
    ● Blake Desjarlais, MP – Edmonton Griesbach
    ● David Eggen, MLA – Edmonton North West
    ● Erin Rutherford, City Councillor – Ward Anirniq
  4. Approval of 2021 AGM minutes
    ● Motion to approve minutes from Laura Squires, seconded Shelby Corley. Approved.
  5. Financial Report
    ● Laura Squires presented annual financial statement
    ● Reviewed by two community members (Eric Sirrs and Aaron Gregson) in lieu of audit
    ● Motion to approve financial statement from Dave Neufeld, seconded Brad Tilley.
  6. Directors’ Reports
    ● Structures and Facilities: Brad Tilley provided an update on the planned pocket
    playground. A meeting of the membership will be upcoming to approve the budget.
    Other projects this past year have included maintenance agreements, logging the
    community’s structures and monuments, providing input for Maple Leaf Pond and
    Park, and some early discussions about a potential disc golf course.
    ● Parks and Gardens: Robert Lopetinsky provided an update on the “Frontline Forest”
    organized with Roots for Trees and relocation of trees away from the tobogganing
    hill. Continued litter pick-ups with Capital City Clean-up and additional resources.
    ● Social: The Pumpkin Walk doubled in size from 2021 to 434 registrants with
    significant media coverage. We also proceeded with a Covid-safe Easter Egg
    Scavenger Hunt. Weekly online yoga sessions were also organized.
    ● Sports: Covid continued to impact sports. We had 5 outdoor soccer teams and 1
    indoor team. 2022 outdoor soccer registration is currently open. We also had 3
    baseball teams. Registration is also open for baseball.
    ● Communications: One print and two email newsletters, maintained website and Facebook pages.

● Memberships: GCL currently has 191 members, which is up from last year but down
from pre-Covid. CommuniBee app has been popular and convenient, offering
discounts through local businesses, ability to renew membership, etc.
● Fundraising: Casino ran successful January 17 and 18, 2022. Looking at a potential
rafflebox fundraiser in 2022.
● Neighbourhood Watch: Moderated the Griesbach Neighbourhood Watch Facebook
page. Attended meeting with City re: community policing. Spearheaded a clean-up
event, including big bin rental, with focus on SE corner.
● Vice President: Dave Neufeld assisted with other portfolios and events such as the
Pumpkin Walk. Looking forward to relaunching the Griesbach Explorers.
● President: Attended a number of meetings and consultation with Canada Lands for
ongoing community development. Also met with Dialog Design regarding the SE

7. Elections
Carl Knowler thanked all outgoing directors and introduced the available positions
and election process.
● Vice President: Brett Winegarden elected by acclamation
● Treasurer: Dianne Forte elected by acclamation
● Communications: Danielle Amorim (incumbent) elected by acclamation
● Fundraising: Vacant, no nominations
● Volunteers: Vacant, no nominations
● Social: Kelsey Franco (incumbent) elected by acclamation
● Programs: Vacant, no nominations
● Civics & Community Development : Perry Chahal, elected by acclamation
● Member at Large: Laura Squires, elected by acclamation

8. Questions from floor
● Nil

9. Close of Meeting:
● Motion to close at 8:30 pm from Shelby Corley, seconded by Robert Lopetinsky.

Presentation by Marvin Neumann, Canada Lands
● Marvin updated the current stages of various phasing. The market is quite strong.
● Canada Lands is looking at a couple of offers for the existing old police building.
● The rough formation of Maple Leaf Pond was completed last year and ongoing work
○ The plan remains to include a fountain, some exercise stations, a snowbank skating
rink with water supply and warming hut, and entry features.
○ Landscaping is planned for this year and next.
● Notice has been provided to residents in NE corner that in 2-5 years development will start.
● Two bronze plaques have been lost in the last couple of months. The original manufacturer
was contracted to re-do the mounting system. We can expect to see some removed for that
purpose over the summer.
● The bronze lettering has also been vandalized and stolen on 113st and 153rd avenue multiple times.Update on SE Corner
● Brad Tilley and Carl Knowler met with the developer today. Within the next month or so, the
infrastructure will be starting for the sites adjacent to Griesbach parade.
● On Tuesday, the old Sobeys’ site goes before the City. The proposed amendments will allow
mid-rise rental apartment to six storeys. Underground parking is planned with 1.2 – 1.3 vehicles per unit.
● An information session was previously held.
○ Anyone with questions is encouraged to reach out to Dialog
(bmoralesmith@dialogdesign.ca) or go to the meeting with the City on Tuesday before Council.