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2021 Soccer Registration

We know this year holds lots of uncertainties, but we’re determined that we will have a 2021 Soccer Season. We are preparing for a number of different scenarios and we will continue to work together with the Edmonton Minor Soccer Association and Alberta Soccer to determine exactly what the season will look like.

We anticipate a shorter than average registration period this year (than in the past) as we await government direction.

Our goal moving forward is to ensure our players will not lose the prospect for development and will have the opportunity to get outside and continue to play the game that they love–though perhaps a little differently.

Registration for the season will only be accepted online. Website for season information can be found here:

Website to register or form a new account: https://emsasoccerportal.com/ui/?

Our registration will open online on March 15th and will remain open until April 15th. There are three possible scenarios for the 2021 Season: (Anticipated Season Start date May 15th).

SCENARIO #1 – Return to Train– Training Sessions run by coaches through guidance of EMSA North Technical Leads- Short Sided scrimmages within cohort groups-6 weeks/10-12 sessions

SCENARIO #2 – Return to play (modified) – Games with referees (U9 & up) – Cohort limit (set by government)- 6 weeks for U4 to U11 Community (10-12 games)- U13 to U19 games scheduled by EMSA Main-All Club games scheduled by EMSA Main- No tournaments or post season play.

SCENARIO #3 – Return to play (non-modified) – Same as Scenario 2 with the exemption. No Cohort limit or large enough cohort limit to have multiple teams versing one another.


Below is the cost break downs for the programs, age groups (Please ensure you understand the below caveat):

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I registered….Now What
Once you have completed your registration there will be a group of volunteers who build the teams.  Closer to the season start date (approximately one or two weeks prior to season start) you will be contacted by a coach with additional information about the upcoming season.

I may be interested in Coaching ….
We always need coaches!  In some instances, we will not be able to accept registrations for certain age categories until we have enough coaches. Did you know that if you coach or manage a team, that counts as your volunteer commitment and no additional volunteering is required? We can hold information sessions for people who are interested in coaching but are not sure what is involved. If this applies to you, please send us an email at sports@griesbachcommunity.com and we would be happy to to cover off any questions or concerns.  As a coach you will need to register on the ENZSA soccer portal.  In addition, please be prepared to have a Police Information Check as this is a requirement for coaching. This is paid for by the zone and any coaching course are paid for by Griesbach.

What about any subsidies available?
There is funding support for low income families through KidSport and Jump Start which both have online applications. You will need to complete these in advance to registration; the links are listed below. Copies of funding approval will be required and submitted to the zone during registration. 

KidSport – Apply for assistance

Canadian Tire – Apply for assistance

What if I don’t live in Griesbach but want to play for Griesbach?
If you don’t live in Griesbach but want to play with us, that’s no problem.  When registering in the portal please request a transfer to Griesbach. You are then welcome to follow up with the Soccer Director regarding the transfer.  Please try to add the coach’s name or player name so we can match up accordingly.

What if I live in Griesbach but want to play for another community?
If you wish to play in a community other than your home community, please request that community when you register in the portal.  You are then welcome to follow-up with the Soccer Director regarding the transfer and the incoming soccer director.

What if I have a special requests?
We will do our best to accommodate special requests, however we cannot make any guarantees due to limitations on team sizes. In the event there are not enough children or coaches to facilitate a team, we work with other communities in the area to ensure everyone has a team to play on; however this may mean that the player is transferred to another community. If you are requesting a coach or friend please ensure that you have the correct spelling and age. Volunteers are responsible for building teams and with hundreds of kids registering, simple spelling errors or friend requests playing in an older age group can prove difficult for the volunteers.

What is Griesbach’s refund policy?

Community League memberships are Non-Refundable in all cases. 

Additional refund policies related to soccer can be found on the EMSA website.