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October 2016

October/November Newsletter

Our October/November Newsletter is here. Inside: How many Trick or Treaters can you expect? Griesbach Remembrance Day ceremony. Development update.  Click here.

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Major General Griesbach Fundraising Society (MGGFS) is in urgent need of volunteers for its upcoming Casino on November 4 & 5, 2016 at Century Casino. This is their most important and profitable fundraising event, and its proceeds greatly benefit Major General Griesbach School.

The following five positions need to be filled:

Friday, November 4:
Cashier 9:30am – 6:45pm
Chip Runner (2 spots): 6:15pm – 3:30am

Saturday, November 5:
Chip Runner: 6:15pm – 3:30am
Count Room: 11:00pm  –  3:45am

The Casino cannot take place unless all volunteer spots are filled. Please sign up today!

Sign up online (click here)

Or by email: mggfundraisingsociety@gmail.com