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Did you donate personally to the playground? We need to confirm spelling of your name for donor recognition..

With playground construction about to begin, Griesbach Community League is putting together our final donor recognition materials.

Below is a list of individuals who have generously donated to the project.

If you are on the list, we ask that you review your name for spelling – and to confirm that this is how you would like your name to appear on donor recognition materials.

For example, you may wish to use your family name instead, include a spouse’s names, just use a first initial, etc.  (eg. I originally used Dave & Angela Neufeld, but we have since had a baby, and wish to change to The Neufeld Family).

If you have any changes, please email Stacy (click here) on or before Monday, April 17, 2017.

If we do not hear otherwise, the name will be printed as listed below. Please use “Change My Donor Name” as your subject line.

Thanks again for your support. We look forward to ensuring you get the recognition you deserve!

             Note:Corporate Sponsors will be recognized separately.


A. Savage
Adam & Kristin  Cook
Adam Homes
Akhil Punia
Akihiro Ohtake & Diem Bonnie Hoan Ohtake
Ally MacDonald
Amie Savage
Ammanda & Damen Cole
Annie Poon
Atmanand Sookun
B. Weiland
Bien Nguyen
Bill Buryn
Brad & Shannon Tilley
Brett Winegarden
Brookes Merritt & Eliza Barlow
Bueben  Lee – Chen
C. Lopez
Cam & Dana Dewar
Camille Loken
Carolynne Jane Burtta
Chelsey Corea
Cheryl & Jim  Bissell
Chris Gagnon
Chris Nelson
Christina Baron
Christina Butchart
Christine  Manfredi
Christine Chung
Claudia Amavizca Lopez
Colleen  Pecknold
Crystal & Michael Lacharite
Damion Van’t Kruis
Daniel & Treena Stadlwieser
Darren Thomas
Dave & Angela Neufeld
David & Maria Coquet
David Bellous
Denis Schile
Dr. Conrad Schulte
Elaine & Ken Wong
Emily Ho
Emma & Mike Maguire
Eric & Erin Sirrs
Greg  Chernezky
Holly Richard
Hory Cong
Ian Mathieson
Jan Sirrs
Janelle & Kerry Nice
Jim & Julia Chronopoulos
Joanne & Murray Fowler
Jocelyn Barlow
John Callaghan
John Fraser
John Schile
Joseph Salkeld
K. Bellous
Kane Lambert
Kevin King
Kristi Jansen van Rensburg
L&J Rice
L. Callaghan
Leon McNamara
Lindsay Neeves
Lisa Woodworth
Lois Ash and Robert Ash
Lori & Paul Dean
Lynn Kostiuk
M. Memchuk
Mandy Tansem
Margie Wilson
Mark Padberg
Mark Seto
Mary Rigby
Michael Callaghan
Michael Corea
Michele Demchuk
Morgan & Paul Punia
Nadia Bayda
Natalie Probert
Nicole Schile
P. Deon
R Popetinsky
Rochelle Gilmour
Sandy & Doug Wilson
Sang Tan Nguyen
Seungho Kim
Shelby Corley
Sierra Lopetinsky
Sohee Park
Stacey & Daryl Wasileyko
Stacy & Clint Felkar
Stephen Lynch
T. Arthur
Tara Nicol & Peter Walker
Tim Crisall
V.  Mantanez
Warren & Linda Letchford
Wendy Stasiuk
Zhimin Xiong & Pei Tang